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ASC Sharpness Certification

Programme Overview

ASC Knife Sharpness Certification  can be awarded at either a Standard or 3-Star level.


This level indicates that knives and cutting blades will meet or exceed the minimum recommended sharpness standard of 8.0 on the Anago Sharpness scale (10 is maximum).  Knife blades at this level will save ½ to ¼ of the effort compared with the average knife blade currently being used.  

This level assures you that each knife provided will be at or above 9.0, consistently day in and day out.

To obtain access to and be approved to use the ASC Mark, our clients undergo a rigorous certification process, described below:

  1. Install a knife sharpness quality control system
  2. Request certification
  3. Undergo an Initial Onsite Assessment
  1. “any knife any time”
  2. Equipment
  3. Sharpeners
  4. Storage methods
  5. Sharpness tracking
  1. Act on any recommendations resulting from the Initial Onsite Assessment
  2. Undergo a First Certification Audit (occurring no less than 3 months after the Initial Onsite Assessment)
  3. Receive certification decision
  4. Certification assigned:
  1. ASC Standard
  2. ASC 3-Star
  1. Undergo 6-Month Knife Sharpness Certification Audit.  The certification level can be downgraded or revoked if knife sharpness levels are not maintained consistently.
  2. Undergo Annual Certification Audits. Certification level can be upgraded, maintained, downgraded or revoked depending on sharpness levels maintained.
If the ASC Knife Sharpness Certification is downgraded or revoked a re-audit may be requested.